The worst part of being a consultant is the bad clients. Because bad clients mean the work isn’t as good and then the consultant is blamed. It’s easy not to be a bad client, it just requires open lines of communication and mutual trust and respect. …

Thanks for an entertaining article. As I understood it, it's basically saying that whiteness is a construct of power rather than anything intrinsic to our identities. I'm Caucasian (so white), but what really matters is the fact that I'm English, sometimes British, and I'm an immigrant in America. This means…

How to use keywords in blogs — Scrabble tiles with the letters S,E,O and the Crabapple Communications logo

I was recently asked, “How do I determine which keywords to use?”, so I wanted to write a blog about that. As I started writing this, the topic started to grow so this blog now covers:

  • The difference between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords
  • How to identify the keyword you…

Georgina Miller

Colorado-based English marketer, culture vulture and nomad. Apologies for the lack of image until I get a headshot with the right dimensions.

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